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Financial Advisory Services
Financial Literacy Services

Money Mojo, LLC  provides financial literacy and  awareness based on your  level of understanding and starting point. 


Part of our advisory services is to get you back on the right track.  And that first step is to clean up your credit history challenges.


We assist you in identifying money hiding in plain sight so that you can enhance your savings strategies.

We  make a difference in our clients’ quality of life,   by offering a means to re-empower and re-  educate.

  * Credit Repair and Management


  * Personal Budgeting 


  * Savings and Investments

Registered Investment Advisory Services

We provide Quantitative Money Management Advisory Services to Institutional Pension Funds, Broker/Dealers, Retail Investors and other Investment Advisors.  Since 2008, our partners collectively bring over 50 years of combined industry experience to our clients using a proprietary quantitative asset management system.

Services include...

  • Investment Advisory Services

  • Private Placement (REG A and D)

  • Reverse Merger Agreements

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

  • Rule 144

  • Captive Insurance Services

Our Industry Clientele consists of...

  • Municipal and Private Corporate Pension Funds

  • Investment Advisory Firms

  • Hedge Funds

  • Investment Companies/Mutual Funds

  • Internet Subscription Alert Services

  • Automatic Program Trading i.e., Elimination of the Human variable

  • Proprietary Trading desks

  • Broker/Dealers

  • Insurance and Annuities 

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