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Our Services

With over 4 decades of investment and financial advisement for business and industry acumen,  we have continued to be innovative in our services to our clients.  Whether you are an individual new to the financial literacy or an established professional, we will work with you at your level of comfort. 

Money Mojo, LLC   and its associates also have a strong expertise in providing institutional investment and advisory services to public and private sector corporations, government (municipal, state and federal), multi-national organizations, and  community development corporations/CRAs for example. 


Our team of Subject Matter Experts assist our clients in understanding  the various levels of Financial Literacy and/or Advisement using our toolkit  designed to aid you in the following areas...


Financial Advisory Services:  

  * Credit Repair and Management


  * Personal Budgeting 


  * Savings and Investments

Financial Planning Services:

  * Planning for Retirement


  * Estate Planning


  * Insurance and Annuities


Business Advisory Services:

  *  Small Business Lending

  *  Business Plan Development and Updates

  *  Succession Planning

Captive Insurance

Registered Investment Advisors




Other Services include...


*Workshops and Webinars

*Fundraising Platform  -  Residual income programs




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