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What's In It!!!


Topics include:


  • Understanding the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

  • Traditional Credit Reporting:  A historical perspective

    •   What is a FICO Score?

  • Understanding Your Non-Traditional Credit Report

  • Budgeting:  A roadmap to financial success

    • Developing your personal plan of action

  • Financial Planning

    • Paying off debt

    • Disputing your credit report

    • Obtaining the proper insurance

      • Health

      • Life

      • Whole Life or Term Life

      • Long Term Care

  • Understanding Investment Accounts

    • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

    • Money Market Accounts

    • Annuities

    • Off-shore Accounts

  • Planning For Retirement

  • Estate Planning ("click")

    • Wills

    • Living Trusts

    • Health Care Instructions

    • Power of Attorney

    • Probate

    • Trusts


For more information contact:  Oliver J. Williams at 954-625-9391  


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